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A special chapter, even in its own extraordinary history, was written by Keren Hayesod in the Six Day War.
That period saw the establishment of the Emergency Campaign, the dimensions of which were unprecedented. The epic of this campaign has not yet been written, but the memory of those days, in which I had the privilege to participate, will long remain. The writing of that story is better suited for poets than for historians.

Pinhas Sapir, legendary Israeli Minister of Finance (1968)


The deep economic recession in the first half of the decade created harsh social needs that Keren Hayesod worked to redress. In addition, the organization set up an Emergency Campaign to fund the immigration of Jews from Morocco and continued to establish new communities in Israel. Following the 1967 Six-Day War, another emergency effort was launched that raised a record $150 million. Among the organization’s most unusual initiatives during this period was a tour of Europe and South America by the Gadna (pre-army preparatory program) youth orchestra, performing with Jewish American entertainer Danny Kaye in front of enthusiastic audiences.  During the same period, the plight of Soviet Jewry emerged as a priority of the Jewish people the world over.