Organizational Structure


The central fundraising organization for Israel worldwide, with the exception of the US, Keren Hayesod - United Israel Appeal operates as a partnership between local Jewish communities,  friends of Israel and the State of Israel.  Through a network of emissaries, the Head Office in Jerusalem  runs over 60 campaigns on five continents, for the purpose of ensuring the future and wellbeing of the Jewish state and people.  

Keren Hayesod –United Israel Appeal is registered, in accordance with Israeli law, as a public benefit company and a non-profit organization. 

Non Statutory Committees



The Head Office, under the leadership of the World Chairman, the Director General and other officers, is responsible for the overall management of the organization, including worldwide campaigns that engage in the entire spectrum of fundraising activities. 


Keren Hayesod – UIA is a non-profit organization registered as a public benefit company and operates in the State of Israel that operates under the terms of the “Keren Hayesod Law” passed by the Knesset in January 1956.