Joy Cohen z"l
Joy Cohen
Joy Cohen was born in London and began her communal involvement working for Maccabi and Magen David Adom, responsible for raising funds to purchase ambulances for Israel.
At the age of 22, she married Stanley Cohen and had the first of their three children the following year. In 1955, Joy founded the Youth Aliyah Committee in Stanmore and chaired it until 1960.
Joy was a leading supporter of every organization in the Jewish community, as well as many outside of it. Deeply committed to Israel and the Jewish people, she was an active fundraiser for over 50 years, with outstanding enthusiasm and energy for her work.
Joy's active involvement in the United Israel Jewish Appeal began in 1985. She was a Board member of the National Women's UJIA Senior Committee for many years, twice serving a three-year term as Chairperson of Women's JIA in Great Britain.

Joy was instrumental in launching the Lion of Judah awards in Britain. She was a recipient of the Tifferet Lion of Judah.

Joy Cohen received the Yakir Keren Hayesod Award in 1998, was elected President of the International Women's Division of Keren Hayesod-UIA in 2002 and chaired it until 2005. She was an innovative president. In 2007, she received the IWD's Award of Excellence.

She served as member of the Board of Trustees of Keren Hayesod and the Jewish Agency Board of Governors. Appreciated by all, her actions served to modernize the IWD. She was a wonderful person and a dear friend, with a great sense of humour.
One of Joy's many admirers referred to her as "a unique human being" adding: "Joy takes the 'oy' out of fundraising".
"Fundraising is for life, it's not something you do for a while," Joy would say.  “We have to help those less fortunate than ourselves, after all, who can we rely upon if not our own?"

Joy was a model worthy of emulation and a source of inspiration for all those who were privileged to know her. She will be sorely missed.