International Women's Division Award of Excellence

The Keren Hayesod Award of Excellence is presented to a woman whose leadership has been distinguished by exceptional dedication, courage, and initiative. Awardees are recognized for their unique ability to deepen the commitment of Jewish women to Jewish continuity and to greatly strengthen the relations between Diaspora Jewish communities and the State of Israel.
The Award of Excellence recognizes outstanding women who serve as inspiring examples to others. The Award is granted annually on a rotating basis, to deserving women from Europe, Latin America, and English-speaking countries.      

Past recipients of the International Women's Division Award of Excellence:

1993 Faigie Zimmerman - Israel
1994 Nelly Fischer - Venezuela
1995 Camilla Anidjar - Spain
1996 Victoria Reimers de Cohen - Mexico
1998 Nicole Weinberg z"l - France
1999 Linda Nadolny Cogan - Canada
2000 Eugenia Kuczer z"l - Argentina
2001 Noemi Fooks z"l - Melbourne, Australia
2002 Rachele Meghnagi - Italy
2003 Nelly de Bobrow - São Paulo - Brazil
2004 Nava Rubenzadeh - Argentina
2005 Noemi Staszewski - Germany
2006 Ziggy Lambert-Revell - Sydney, Australia
2007 Joy Cohen z"l - London - United Kingdom
2008 Simy Bentata - Venezuela
2009 Rose Aboucaya - France
2010 Jill Kaplan – South Africa
2011 Sonia Reizin - Chile
2013 Bev Michaelis & Judy Stromer - Sydney, Australia
2014 Katy Borger - São Paulo – Brazil
2015 Estrella Cohen - Spain