Our Mission

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Our Mission
The Keren Hayesod Young Leadership division is comprised of dynamic young adults from throughout the world.  Participants have forged bonds of friendship and common cause as they have together explored new places and new ideas. Based on their shared identity and aspirations they have discovered a warm corner in the world where they are welcome and valued for who they are and not for what they are or what they have achieved
While many of the Keren Hayesod young leaders are in fact people of unique talent and accomplishment, what brings them together is the existential reality of their connection to Israel - the land and her people. There, on a platform of intellectual curiosity and social openness they have explored and interfaced with new cultural and social realities. 
Along with their Israeli contemporaries they have engaged in an exploration of that which is the same and that which is very different in their life styles. With unique boldness they have confronted the ultimate challenges which as Jews and Israelis they face together and separately. 
Keren Hayesod Young Leaders are given the opportunity to impact on the lives of contemporaries and communities at home and abroad. Through their activities and creative program initiatives they are also forging relationships and planting seeds for the future. They constitute a new generation of leaders in the Jewish world. But they are already making a significant contribution to the quality and character of Jewish life.
The Young Leadership division initiates and guides creative projects designed to relieve and enhance those whose lives are at risk or who are vulnerable, weak and dependent. Through programs linking their home communities with Israeli hardship populations, the Young Leadership division encourages young Jews to become change agents both at home and abroad.
Young Leadership campaigns provide vital support for Israeli youth villages, educational programs, immigrant absorption programs, student life projects, early childhood education programs, innovative hi-tech programs, special advanced educational support projects for disadvantaged populations and much more.
Participants in Young Leadership activities are invited to unique national and international conferences, events and missions.