Annuity Funds
​If I am not for myself who will be for me?
If I am only for myself who am I?
And if not now when?
(Ethics of the Fathers)
Annuity Funds
​Annuity Endowments are specially designed for people who wish to create a Keren Hayesod Endowment Fund but are concerned about forgoing annual income on their capital. In such cases, an Annuity Fund can be created. This option offers donors the unique opportunity of making a significant commitment to the future needs of the State of Israel while benefiting from a generous guaranteed annuity (annual income).
Annuity Fund donors receive a fixed rate of return on their contribution for an agreed upon period of time (which can extend up to the lifetime of the beneficiary). The donor may appoint himself/herself beneficiary or may appoint someone else as beneficiary. In this way, annuities may be used to supplement personal income or to provide permanent income for someone of the donor's choosing. Annuity rates are determined according to the age of the beneficiary at the beginning of the annuity period. Interest rates are relatively high and beneficiaries can receive returns of up to 8.70%.
At the end of the annuity period Annuity Funds become regular Keren Hayesod Endowment Funds and annual allocations are made in the name of the
donor to support Keren Hayesod activities, as specified by the donor in the Endowment Agreement.
• A minimum contribution of $50,000 is required to establish an Annuity Fund.
• Only one beneficiary is permitted for each Annuity Fund
Legacy and Endowment donors who have passed away are remembered annually through our special 'Yizkor'(link) memorial program.