Endowment Funds

​An Endowment is Forever

Endow the future of the State of Israel and the Jewish People
An Endowment is Forever
An Endowment is a unique gift that lasts forever. Endowments are created by people who wish to make a truly significant contribution to the State of Israel and the Jewish people both now and for generations to come. They represent a lasting partnership with the people of Israel and identification with the State of Israel for posterity.
Keren Hayesod Endowment Funds are designed to serve as permanent income-generating Funds that provide perpetual annual support for critical Keren Hayesod areas of activity both now and well into the future. They are established with a substantial contribution that can be paid at once or over time. This constitutes the Fund principal which is not touched. The principal is invested and every year income from the Fund is allocated in the donor's name. The donor receives an annual report on all allocations, which begin one year after deposit of the initial gift.
Endowment Funds provide a guaranteed source of financial assistance to vital programs and areas both in times of emergency and in times of economic or political fluctuation which affect Keren Hayesod income. They provide a reliable and permanent source of funding for the advancement of Israeli society and the Jewish people and represent a profound act of solidarity with the State of Israel, the people of Israel and world Jewry.
Legacy and Foundation representatives are available to advise you on the various options for creating and earmarking Endowment Funds. A legally binding agreement is signed by the donor and Keren Hayesod upon the establishment of an Endowment Fund. This is intended to ensure that the wishes of the donor are met.
Legacy and Endowment donors who have passed away are remembered annually through our special 'Yizkor' memorial program.