UIA DAY with Debbie Schaffer of Perth, Australia   

on  26/05/2014 
During a short visit in Israel, Debbie Schaffer, the incoming Chairperson of the Perth Women's Division, took time out of her personal schedule and spent a day visiting Keren Hayesod-UIA projects.

​On Thursday, May 22, 2014, Debbie set out on a UIA Day! The morning began in Sderot, meeting with Ofer Baram, touring and hearing about the challenges that face people in Sderot and the area residents on a daily basis. Following a visit to a lookout point overlooking the Gaza Strip, Debbie continued to the see the border crossing and then to the Police station in the city of Sderot where there is a display of rockets that have fallen in the area over the years.
Debbie Schaffer.jpg
Yakir Keren & Debbie Schaffer at the Ayalim Student Village at Moshav Yechini.

The next stop was the Youth Futures Programme in Sderot where she met with Noa Barkley, Director of the Sderot Youth Futures Programme and with a lovely trustee named Orit. Noa and Orit spoke passionately about the programme and what a great impact it is having on the lives of so many children. At the end of the visit, there was short tour of the city by car, seeing the old and new neighbourhoods.
Currently and for many years, the Perth Women's Division has supported the Youth Futures Programme in Sderot therefore this visit was particularly special!

The final project visited on this day was the Ayalim Student Village at Moshav Yechini. Only a short drive from Sderot, Debbie was met by three young people, who are true pioneers and Zionists. Yakir Keren, of the Ayalim Association, and two special young men - Chen, a young man originally from Rishon Lezion who is studying social work at the nearby college and Itai, who took a year off to volunteer (Shnat Sherut) and spend his time at Ayalim, prior to being drafted into the IDF. The commitment and will to build Eretz Yisrael was very evident on behalf of these young people.

This UIA Day was a wonderful and special experience and we thank Debbie for including visits to these important Keren Hayesod-IUA projects during private trip.



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