Anne-Marie Gravdahl z”l    

on  13/04/2016 
Categories: Friends of Israel
Dedicated her Life to Helping Fulfill the Biblical Prophecies

​The worldwide Keren Hayesod-UIA family mourns the passing of Anne-Marie Gravdahl. 25 years ago she founded the "Help Jews Home" organization in Norway and was its long-standing chairperson. A generous, loving and dedicated friend of Israel and the Jewish people, she particularly dedicated herself to efforts to bring Jews from the former Soviet Union Jews to Israel.
Several years ago, the then-KH representative to Germany and the liaison with Scandinavian Friends of Israel, Jacob (Yankele) Snir, expressed our love and gratitude to her with a special Certificate of Recognition produced in Jerusalem (pic).
She is a model for all to follow. May her memory be blessed.



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