Jerusalem's institute for youth leaders from abroad   

on  14/06/2018 
Shaping generations of Jewish leadership

​Graduates of the Machon can't help but smile whenever they recall their time at this wonderful institution, really living an Israeli experience. The Jewish Agency's Machon-Institute for Youth Leaders from Abroad, which has been supported by Keren Hayesod-UIA for many years, has been preparing young people to assume leadership roles in the Jewish world since 1948.
Situated on a magnificent site overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem, the institute has been shaping the Jewish values and attachment to Israel of generations of young Jewish leaders from around the world, providing them with a powerful and moving first-hand experience in Israel, etching the values of Zionism and a love for Israel into their identities. The institute enhances their appreciation of their Jewish heritage and refines their leadership skills so that they can take top leadership roles in Jewish communities in Israel and the Diaspora.
Three of the outstanding graduates of the institute - - the Australian-born director general of Keren Hayesod, Greg Masel; Jewish Agency Director General Alan Hoffmann, who is originally from South Africa; and Prof. Manuel Trajtenberg, a leading Israeli economist and Knesset member, who was born in Argentina. - - recall with emotion and affection their experience at the Machon, which enriched their lives to such a great extent. In this short video, they also note the importance of the institution to Jews around the world.
Please consider supporting this wonderful institution via the link below so that generations of young Jewish leadership continue to be provided with their own enriching experiences there for many years to come.



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