Mifgash 2019   

on  13/05/2019 
We welcome the participants of our International Women's Division seminar

​"A woman of valour who can find?" - Proverbs 31:10
We welcome the participants of Mifgash 2019 - our International Women's Division seminar.
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From l-r: Marcelo Goldin, Director, KH WD Department; Sam Grundwerg, KH World Chairman; Penny Hurst OAM, President, International Women's Division; Francesca Modiano, Award of Excellence recipient; Victoria Reimers, Honorary President, International WD; Greg Masel, KH Director General and CEO.

Tonight, we recognize our Award of Excellence recipient, Francesca Modiano from Milan, Italy. Mazel tov Francesca!
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Francesca Modiano.

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We wish Francesca and all the conference attendees - 70 women from 17 countries - a meaningful week. All of them are truly our eshet chayils!



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