Aaron Azagury
Outgoing KH Barcelona, Spain Chairman
Aaron Azagury

Aaron Azagury recently concluded his 11-year tenure as KH Barcelona Chairman. We all wish to express our heartfelt thanks for his great dedication and the love for Israel and the Jewish people that he demonstrated.

In this, Aaron followed in the footsteps of his late father, Elias Azagury z”l, who as early as 1925, was a founding member of the Zionist Organization in Tangier (Morocco).  From 1948 until his death, he was the representative for Israel Government Bonds.  His service was officially recognized in 1955 by Minister of Trade and Industry, Pinchas Sapir.

Since assuming his position in 2000, Aaron was involved in creating and then running a Keren Hayesod Foundation in Spain, which he chaired, and which enabled KH donors to receive tax benefits.  Through this Foundation, KH activity in Spain was legally recognized, making it possible to transfer funds for humanitarian purposes to KH World Headquarters. This activity occasionally created ironic situations, as for instance in 2001, when Aaron organized a fundraising event to which he invited an IDF band as the main attraction. The performance took place in the hall of a parish church, because all other halls refused to host a Jewish military band in uniform!  The event was highly successful with a large attendance.

During Aaron’s term of office, Barcelona hosted visits by two KH World Chairmen -  Amb. Avi Pazner and, in February 2011, incumbent World Chairman Eliezer (Moodi) Sandberg, both of whom had the chance to witness first-hand Aaron's tremendous job as the Keren Hayesod voice.

The worldwide Keren Hayesod family salutes all of Aaron's achievements during his tenure, and wishes him many more years of activity on behalf of our common cause. Thank you and all the best, Aaron!