Archie Hendler  1930 - 2011

great Australian Zionist leader

Archie Hendler

UIA NSW Australia were deeply saddened on the passing of their esteemed Governor, Archie Hendler. Archie was born in South Africa in 1930 and immigrated to Australia in 1983.

Archie was a legend in the true sense, a very honorable man, a very successful man and a longstanding supporter of the UIA and the State of Israel. Archie’s long commitment to Israel involved philanthropy, investment in Israel and communal work, all of which started back in the 1960’s.

He was a Governor of UIA NSW and the driving force behind several projects in Israel. He helped with many UIA projects and was Chairman of Project Renewal, which helped underprivileged children for more than a decade. Archie instilled in his children and grandchildren a love of Israel. In 1995 he received the UIA NSW most prestigious MAX FREILICH AWARD for long standing service to Israel and the Jewish people.

Archie is survived by his wife Yetta, his children David & Rena, Michael & Alana, Gary & Sharon and his nine grandchildren.
Israel, the Jewish people and the worldwide Keren Hayesod family have lost a great friend and generous leader. He will be missed by all.
Archie Hendler ז"ל
A personal tribute by Miriam (Mickey) Blumberg, former Representative in Israel, for UIA Australia and IUA South Africa - Project Renewal and Partnership 2000
Growing up in South Africa during the 1940’s during WW11 and pre- establishment of the State of Israel was a challenge for young South African teenagers. The main youth movement at that time was Habonim, and it was in this movement, where I first met Archie and Yetta Hendler.
Many of us came on Aliyah after the establishment of the State of Israel, and I was later sent back to SA as an Aliyah Shlichah, during which period, I happily renewed the relationship with the Hendlers.
On my return to Israel after my shlichut, I was privileged to have been appointed the Israeli representative of the South African and Australian Project Renewal programme, which aimed at the empowerment of peripheral and underprivileged neighbourhoods in Israel.
An added value to this privilege was the Archie Hendler was the Chairman of Project Renewal for Australia and we worked together creating projects which would benefit two neighbourhoods :Shikun Hamizrach in Rishon L’Zion and Newe Golan – Tel Aviv- Jaffa for over twenty years.
The benefit of Archie’s vision and guidance is evident today in the ongoing success of most of the projects.
Long after most overseas contributing communities phased out of Project Renewal, Archie Hendler insisted on maintaining the projects and personally supervised the operational budgets.
The Hendlers visited Israel every year and before Archie attended to his own affairs, he spent an entire day with onsite visits of the projects, attending meetings, listening to the requests of residents and the advice of the professionals. Archie would wait for the minutes and figures, which he would meticulously scrutinize and question.
Archie did not expect of others what he himself would not or could not contribute, and as an example, he donated several projects in the two neighbourhoods.
On the passing of this wonderful “mensch”, the void of a life long friend, mentor and colleague is very difficult to fill.
Miriam (Mickey) Blumberg

Jerusalem, February, 2011.