In Gratitude: David Cape
​Montreal, Canada
Outgoing Federation CJA President  

​Acknowledging the Exceptional Leadership of David J. Cape

Outgoing Federation Combined Jewish Appeal (CJA)  President leaves an important legacy for Montreal’s Jewish community

For David J. Cape, dedication to community is in his DNA. As President of Montreal’s Federation CJA, his two-year tenure bore witness to his vision and served as a catalyst for ongoing transformation of the organization. It began with strengthening the Federation from within, and led to the hire of CEO, Deborah Corber, later supported by a core team of professionals each aligned with a more streamlined three-pillar approach: Operations, Strategic Planning and Financial Resource Development.

“David is that rare lay leader who believes deeply in the value of supporting and nurturing the professional team… so that they can contribute meaningfully to the success of the organization.” explains Deborah Corber.
On the lay-professional working relationship, David divulges what has become a guiding principle: “The job of the President of Federation is not to run the Federation, but to see that the Federation is well run. The essential difference between lay leadership and the professional staff is like snow on a mountain – lay leaders can come and go, but the core strength of the Federation is in the strong professional workforce just under the surface that forms the foundation of the organization.”
The Federation CJA  "powerhouse" with  former Minister and MK Benny Begin – Standing:  Evan Feldman, Dean Mendel, Heather Adelson, David Martz, Eva Ludvig, Gail Adelson-Marcovitz, Benny Begin, David Cape, Deborah Corber, Susan Laxer (new President), Brenda Gewurz, Elisabeth Perez, Shlomo Toledano – First row: Sandy Martz and Elaine Dubrovsky.

Reflecting on his many accomplishments during his term, David shares that perhaps the greatest achievement is “an incredibly strong organization, with a team of professional management that should give our community great confidence for the future. As a team, they are a powerhouse… we will be able to accomplish great things.”
David is well aware of the importance of building a strong organization. In business, David has propelled Groupe Marcelle, for which he is President, into a leading skin care and cosmetic manufacturer with over 250 employees and a range of products that are sold in over 2,000 retail locations in Canada. His strong business acumen began at Princeton University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering in 1987, and later, as President of Princeton Transportation Consulting Group as well as Product Manager at software giant Microsoft Corporation, based in Seattle, Washington.
He credits his family, including parents Pearl and Michael, who, he says, “…have always challenged me to do my best, and brought me up in a home of Jewish values where I learned that volunteerism, being thankful for what you had, and giving back when you had more than others was important.” This notion of tikun olam has been passed on from generation to generation; David is particularly proud of his four sons, with wife Victoria – his “foundation” – who are growing up “…with a commitment to our community, Israel and the Jewish people.”
His love of Israel continues to manifest itself in both word and deed. As a past Chair of the Israel & Overseas Committee, he was instrumental in deepening the connection to Montreal’s sister region, Beer Sheva-B’nai Shimon, on a person-to-person level, valuing the benefit to both the region and the Montreal community of a strengthened Jewish identity and lasting connection. “Over the past years, I have had the opportunity to meet Israelis, to work with them, and to build friendships. This makes me feel much closer to what is happening there. These personal relationships make real the idea that we are all one family. We need to strengthen our communities both here and in Israel, because it is together that the future of the Jewish people will be ensured.”
David Cape (left) is greeted by Beersheva mayor Ruvik Danilovich, as they both inaugurate the Montreal Square in the Negev's capital.

David’s exceptional commitment to the Jewish community includes Federation CJA, where he has been active for over a decade, beginning with the role of past Chair of the Young Leadership Campaign.
David has been involved in several other community organizations, including Congregation Shaar Hashomayim, where he served as President from 2008-2011. A graduate of the Wexner Heritage Program, he also sits on the Board of Directors of Jewish Federations of Canada – UIA and the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA).
“Being President of Federation has to be one of the greatest leadership positions there is in Montreal. Provided you are willing to put in the time, the rewards, the opportunities, the ability to take part in building our community in such a central way is incredibly rewarding. People ask me if I will miss it – of course I will – but the greatness of our Federation’s governance is our renewal – the new leadership that we bring, and the great energy that new leadership brings with it.”
The worldwide Keren Hayesod family thanks David  for his leadership and dedication during the years of his presidency of  Federation CJA  and wishes him great success in all his future endeavours!