Dr. Alexander Machkevitch

KH-UIA CIS President and official sponsor of the 2011 ILR

Dr. Alexander Machkevitch
Dr. Alexander Machkevitch, who has served as KH-UIA CIS President since 2005, was the official sponsor of the recent 2011 ILR in Washington DC. The worldwide KH-UIA family wishes to thank him for his leadership and his great involvement in this most important event.
Initially an academic who specialized in education, Dr. Alexander Machkevitch became a businessman at the time of perestroika in the FSU. Following his tremendous success in business, he began to devote his efforts to revitalizing Jewish life in the FSU after decades of oppression. Elected President of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress at its Founding Conference in 2002, Dr. Machkevitch has since then filled numerous other crucial leadership positions, constantly demonstrating his generosity and outstanding Jewish commitment.
A recipient of the Yakir Keren Hayesod Award (2006), Dr. Alexander Machkevitch is unquestionably one of the great Jewish leaders of our time.