Jacques Spijer
KH Chairman, Antwerp
At the forefront of supporting Israel​

During a recent trip to Israel, KH Antwerp Chairman, Jacques Spijer visited the Hadassah Neurim Youth village, near Netanya, where he met with the village senior staff and saw a project dear to his heart: the brand new car workshops.  This important initiative, which KH Belgium Campaign generously supported, will become part of the Village’s mechanics curriculum, which gives youngsters a marketable trade and enables them to become productive members of society.

Jacques Spijer is the driving force behind this project, as well as the Antwerp Campaign in general.  He has also very generously supported KH's [email protected] hi-tech project.  Since he took office in March 2007, he has built a nucleus of volunteer key-workers in their 30s and 40s, considerably increasing the number of middle-range donors and significantly enhancing  immediate fundraising results. He has also put a strong emphasis on wills and bequests and, in cooperation with the Brussels and Luxemburg Campaigns, promoted missions to Israel as the most efficient campaign tool.


At the brand new car workshop, from left to right: Orly Wolland, Hadassah Neurim administrative director; Jacques Spijer; Ronen Mualem, car workshop director and mechanics teacher; Natan Biton, Hadassah Neurim Youth Village director and a representative of IDF's Ordnance Corps ("Hayl Ha'himush")

Born in Amsterdam (1948), Jacques is fluent in a number of languages, including Hebrew, which he learned while studying Economics and Political Science at the Hebrew University in the early '70. He then lived in Great Britain for a few years, before settling in Antwerp. During the 1990s, he discovered KH at a parlour meeting at Adnan Kandiyoti's home (Adnan, a former KH Brussels Chairman, received the Yakir Keren Hayesod Award in 2004) – marking the beginning of his long, dedicated and generous involvement that continues to this day.
"It is every Jew's duty to help Israel in any way possible,” says Jacques.  “Israelis pay with their blood;  the least we can do is to open our hearts and support what KH is doing to strengthen Israeli society.  It's not always easy to be a KH leader;  frankly, there are days where I ask myself why I took this upon myself, but then I immediately remember the smiles and the joy of the youngsters-at-risk at Hadassah Neurim or in Sderot, whom we help obtain a good education, reach matriculation and get a proper start in life , and this is worth everything  to me. People always think that they have always a "good reason" for not giving, but believe me, the act of giving is a source of satisfaction not only for the beneficiaries, but also for the donors themselves".
The worldwide KH family  thanks  Jacques Spijer for everything he has done, continues to do, and will do for Keren Hayesod and Israel, and  wishes him many more years of activity and success in all his endeavours.  He is a model for others to follow!