Jo Benhamou

Generous friend of Netivot

For years there’s been a love story between Jo Benhamou, Chairman of KH Geneva, Switzerland, his wife Viviana and their entire family, and the town of Netivot (Western Negev, near the Gaza Strip). Netivot has a most personal meaning for Jo, since his parents and his father-in-law are all buried there. A former teacher, Jo has always shown special interest in educational projects. After inaugurating an educational playground in Netivot in June 2009, he dedicated, on November 4, 2010, a center for early childhood enrichment and development in memory of his stepfather, Benedetto Arbib z"l. At the ceremony Mayor Yechiel Zohar announced his intention to confer the title "honorary citizen" of Netivot on Jo.
On behalf of Netivot's children and all of Israel's citizens, we extend thanks to you, Jo and Viviana, for your love and generosity!