Marco van Embden

​​Immediate past Chairman, UJC, South Africa

Marco van Embden
Our friend Marco van Embden was recently honored at the Campaign Cabinet concluding Keren Hayesod-UIA's annual World Conference, which was held this year in Jerusalem.
This recognition was given as a token of gratitude and appreciation for his most successful four-year tenure as Chairman of the United Jewish Campaign, South Africa (2005-2009) and his service as Chairman of Friends of the UJC since then.
In this pivotal capacity, Marco is carrying on a long illustrious career in the Cape Town Jewish community, during which he held numerous leadership positions, particularly in the field of education.
A successful businessman and a dedicated sportsman, Marco is a committed Zionist, whose enthusiasm and energy have brought very impressive results to his Campaign over the years.
The worldwide Keren Hayesod-UIA family thanks Marco for all he has done to date. We know that he will remain at the heart of Jewish and Zionist activity in South Africa for many years to come!