Noemi Fooks z"l
​2001 IWD Award of Excellence recipient

Noemi z"l at the 2001 Award of Excellence Ceremony, with IWD Honorary Chair Victoria Reimers (left) and former IWD World Chair, Nava Rubenzadeh

The sad news of Noemi Fooks' passing reached us from Melbourne, Australia a few days ago. Noemi and her late husband, Ernest z"l, a renowned  architect, arrived in Australia in 1939, after fleeing from Vienna, together with other Jews, following Hitler's annexation of Austria. She became very involved in community life, particularly in the field of social welfare.  For decades a dedicated volunteer and canvasser in the UIA Victoria Women's Division, Noemi always stressed the importance of contributing to Israel as a top priority.  She was awarded the KH International Women's Division Award of Excellence in 2001.

Noemi with the congratulations letter she received from Queen Elizabeth II upon her 100th birthday (2009)

"Noemi Fooks left an indelible mark on our community", said Esther Frenkiel, former UIA Victoria chair. "I know that Noemi volunteered for many organisations during her lifetime and I was privileged to work with her for many years at UIA. In 1964 Noemi, along with Ada Kagan, Edith Herman and Eva Besen, established the women’s auxiliary of UIA. From the very beginning, Noemi was formidable with her canvassing. Very few women said no to Noemi. Up until a few years ago Noemi was still calling her list of donors and raising 10% of the WD total every year. She would come into UIA for a couple of hours each week and commandeer an office,  making sure everyone was called. Noemi set an extraordinarily high benchmark for all the volunteers, including myself. Noemi was awarded the prestigious Keren Hayesod  Askan award in 1972 and in  2001 she was honoured with  the International Women’s Division Award of Excellence, which was presented to her in Israel. An Officers Pin – the IDF’s highest honour – was also bestowed upon Noemi".

The worldwide Keren Hayesod-UIA family conveys its heartfelt condolences to Noemi's family.  May her memory be blessed and may she be a model for all to follow.