Noemi Staszewski

Just created the European Lions of Judah group

Noemi Staszewski
Chair, Frankfurt Women's Division, Germany
This new group will enable the Lion of Judah women to know each other better and socialize within a proper framework. It's also a strong promotion tool for the Campaign, reserved for the Women's Leadership. Noemi also organized the new group's first meeting: The European Lions of Judah weekend, which took place in Berlin between 8 and 10 octobre 2010, opening thus the way to all International Women's Division's Leaders.
Noemi: " I am participating in June World conferences, Mifgash and regional WD conferences since 2000 and try my very best to push our campaign and to involve new and younger people into the goals of KH. I believe that KH has to go new ways to convince the next generation, that involvement in its ranks means being part of a strong arm of the Jewish people. Connecting Women in Europe, who dedicated her involvement in the Israeli society on the level of a Lion of Judah, means to build up a strong and powerful network to meet the needs of Israel and to connect warmhearted and engaged people of the Jewish communities in Europe for the future of Israel and the KH family. "