Philippe Kraemer z"l

Paris, France

Yakir Keren Hayesod 1998



We are commemorating during these days of sheloshim a great Jew who left us in December 2011. As the world leadership of Keren Hayesod wrote to his family when they learned of the sad news: “Philippe Kraemer was an outstanding leader among French Jewry in general, and among the world family of Keren Hayesod in particular. His years as President of the AUJF Campaign set standards that will remain with us for a long time. His generosity knew no bounds when it came to Israel and the Jewish people. The Keren Hayesod Yakir Award, which he received in 1998, was an expression of our recognition and gratitude for his life’s work. " 

Philippe Kraemer z”l left his mark on decades of Jewish life and Zionist activity in France. His wife, Françoise, and their two sons, Olivier (recipient of the 2010 Yakir Keren Hayesod Award) and Laurent, who are also deeply involved in the AUJF Campaign, are continuing his work. His grandchildren, Mikaël and Sandra, are also carrying on the long family tradition and have established the “Avenir” (the “Future") Committee, which has attracted many young people to keep the torch of this great chain of solidarity and generosity burning.

The world family of Keren Hayesod reiterates its deepest sympathy, and expresses the hope that the family will find a measure of comfort in the Philippe Kraemer’s achievements on behalf of Israel and the Jewish people. We shall cherish his memory as a great philanthropist who served the cause of his people with infinite devotion.

May his memory be blessed.