At 82, a new start for Paulina at Amigour Sheltered Housing

Paulina Ganasov always dreamed of becoming an actress.  Unfortunately, from a very early age, Paulina faced many hardships:  the unimaginable horrors of the 900-day long Siege of Leningrad, during which she almost died; her escape to the Nazi-occupied Caucasus; and an oppressive life under the Soviet regime.   

Paulina picked up her life, married, became a literature teacher and immigrated to Israel in 1992. Five years ago, Paulina's husband died. Like many elderly immigrants from the Soviet Union, she was living near the poverty line, never having the means to purchase an apartment. At 82 years old, Paulina had no idea where to go or what would happen to her.
The Amigour Sheltered Housing in Holon rescued Paulina and provided her with security and comfort, in a caring, close-knit community.  Her day is filled with lectures, ulpan, and drama classes.
She regularly hosts her friends in her quaint, apartment.  “I am not alone, but part of a big family here.” says Paulina. "Amigour has made the difference between a life of worry and solitude and a life with warmth and dignity.”  One of the many activities that fills Paulina's day is playing the leading role in a play. 

* Through the Jewish Agency, Amigour provides housing for 7500 elderly individuals including many Holocaust survivors, as well as 4000 homeless and single-parent families. Read more