The ENP changes lives
Educational opportunities for Ethiopian Youth
One day, Sara (name changed), a student participating in the ENP Scholastic Program, confided in her counselor, Dembulo, that she was being harassed by a former boyfriend. Dembulo immediately turned to the school staff  for help in handling this situation. They convinced Sara to tell her parents and acted as the middleman to explain the severity of the situation. Dembulo, along with Sara’s teacher and class advisor, kept a close eye on the situation.  
Sara agreed to go with Dembulo to the police station and shortly thereafter, the man was arrested. "Dembulo was really there for me ," says Sara. "She even helped me get closer to my parents. I finally felt that I found someone I could trust."
  • The ENP is a holistic, comprehensive initiative which provides the scholastic and social intervention needed to bridge the gap between Ethiopian youth in Israel and mainstream Israeli students.  Read more