Thanks to Etgarim, Shmuel receives a second chance

Shmuel, hard at work, with Etgarim volunteer

Shmuel is a 12 year-old boy afflicted with cystic fibrosis. The Jerusalem hospital where he awaits a needed lung transplant to save his life has become his home. No family members visit him; he has been rejected by both his parents, who are divorced.  Shmuel is cared for by the child welfare services.    

Prior to his hospitalization, Shmuel had little exposure to technology and  computers. Now, thanks to the Etgarim project, he spends most of his free time on the computer. He spends hours with volunteers who teach him to use the software programs, monitor his level of learning and encourage his growth potential.  

Shmuel’s educational and social skills have improved significantly, preparing him to integrate smoothly into his grade level upon his release from the hospital.  The customized approach and introduction to exposure to a new virtual world gives Shmuel a sense of control and excitement he did not have before. 

"When we first met Shmuel, he was quiet, confused and sad," says Sarah Shoshani, director of the children’s department at the hopsital. Today, thanks to his new-found computer and communications skills, Shmuel brightens up the staff every day. We encourage him and applaud this miraculous change."    
  • Etgarim is an interactive computerized learning program designed to empower users by enabling them to develop their individual skills and abilities. Read more