Roi: "[email protected] taught me to believe in myself"
With the help of the [email protected] project, Roi, a young man from Ramle, has managed to overcome disadvantage and become an expert computer technician. The project, designed to serve as a springboard for at-risk youth, gives youngsters from the periphery the tools for a gainful profession, together with a sense of community responsibility and enhanced self-confidence.
Roi has completed all three [email protected] IT courses and received international Cisco CCENT certification.  He volunteered for two years in [email protected] Ramla's FIXIT computer repair lab, which fixes computers for local residents for a nominal fee. The experience enabled him to apply his knowledge and expertise while learning responsibility, teamwork and the patience, and to gain the skills needed to run a small business. Next year, Roi plans take on on a senior management position with FIXIT.
An excellent role model for other youth, Roi mentors younger [email protected] students.  environment.  "Roi is highly motivated, understands the importance of social action, and is always willing to give of himself," notes the director of [email protected] in Ramla. "He has come such a long way."
[email protected] taught me never to give up," says Roi. "I realized the importance of believing in myself.  Now I know my dreams can come true.” 
  • The [email protected] project provides after-school technological training to high school youth in Israel’s periphery, enabling them to obtain international certification as advanced network technicians from Cisco Systems. Read more