[email protected] teaches Marina that dreams really can come true
"My life changed dramatically when I started [email protected]," says Marina. The young woman, who immigrated to Israel from Russia with her family at the age of three, grew up in  a disadvantaged home. Despite many changes in her life, she remained a highly motivated student. 
In high school, Marina learned about [email protected]'s summer school program and quickly enrolled.  In additional to technological skills she learned English on a very high level, developed a social network and made good friends, both Jewish and Arab. When she was 17, her father died.  "My friends from [email protected] were the ones who were there for me through it all," says Marina.
Marina went on to serve in the IDF's Intelligence Corps and now works as a quality assistant at a start-up company. Her dream? "To buy my mom a nice house with a garden… and a dog." 
  • The [email protected] project provides after-school technological training to high school youth in Israel’s periphery, enabling them to obtain international certification as advanced network technicians from Cisco SystemsRead more