Russell Katz - From Lone Soldier to Proud Israeli Citizen
Russele lone immigrant
"I have been very lucky to get help from donors around the world," says Russell Katz, a new immigrant from South Africa serving in the IDF.  "As a lone soldier, I received gift packages of warm clothes and a subsidized flight last year to visit my family, and even help with the rent."
After completing paratroopers training, Russell was sent to Jenin. This was followed by tours of duty of the Syrian border and Lebanon and five months on the Northern Gaza border. He was slightly injured during a grenade attack.

One of 700 lone soldiers who are discharged from the IDF every year, Russell is thrilled to be "part of a people that find it important to support their brothers and sisters around the world. I have tremendous gratitude to all these unnamed people that supported me while I am out there defending our borders, and more importantly our people."
  • The Lone Immigrant Soldiers Support Program helps immigrant soldiers who are in Israel without their families, prior to and immediately after, their discharge. Read more