Lone Immigrant Soldiers


About 700 new immigrant - Olim - soldiers who are in Israel alone without their families, complete their army service each year and have to cope with the challenges of the transition to civilian life.

While most young Israeli’s deal with this transition
with the help of their families – these young men and women need us to provide them with a helping hand. They need us to be their family in Israel.

After three or four years of service to their country
and nation, to which they volunteered out of a deep commitment, these young idealistic Jews from around the world are faced with the challenge of finding a place to live, obtaining an education and pursuing a career path, and finding a way to support themselves.

Keren Hayesod – UIA, through its support to the
Jewish Agency for Israel, and in cooperation with other partners, provides these lone soldiers with assistance in different ways, including:

    The Wings program – in which they receive employment guidance, 
      individual coaching,
and financial counselling, all within the framework 
      of a pre-discharge seminar and

    • A special release grant to help them buy necessary essentials or pay
      for other
expenses related to their life as civilians.

    • The Big Brother Program – in which they are adopted by a “big brother” 
      who guides them
in their initial steps in civilian life.

In return for your generous support you will
receive an annual report on the project’s activities and the opportunity to meet some of the soldiers who have benefitted from the programme. 


Help us provide 700 young immigrant soldiers who volunteered for military service and are in Israel without a family, with the guidance they need to make the transition to civilian life.

A generous donation of US$ 4,000 will enable us to provide a soldier with a special grant, a preparatory course for civilian life in Israel, and other vital services.
Every dollar you contribute will help a new immigrant IDF veteran adapt to civilian life and prepare for his or her future! Donate now  

Start new immigrant soldiers in civilian life