MASA Israel Journey


Masa Israel Journey is an exciting initiative of unprecedented scope. The program has the potential to significantly change the face of Jewish communities, both around the world and in Israel.
Masa capitalizes on the powerful force of a deeper experience of Israel to build leadership-level connections and enduring commitment to Israel and the Jewish people.

Masa, the Hebrew word for journey, is an innovative initiative with an extraordinary vision: to triple the number of young Jews, ages 18-30, from communities around the world, who come to Israel for long term programs. Through Masa, young Jewish adults will start their journey with a semester or year in Israel, exploring the land, experiencing its culture, growing and learning together as they enter the community as adults.

A first-person experience of Israel is a proven gateway into Jewish life for many of today’s young unaffiliated Jews; for others it is a vehicle for deepening Jewish connection. More specifically, participation in a longterm program in Israel is the most effective tool for shaping the next generation of Jewish leadership in Jewish communities, for cultivating their Jewish awareness and their sense of shared destiny with the State of Israel, and for contributing to the creation of a common worldwide Jewish agenda.

Masa programs emphasize study, meaningful encounters with Israelis, volunteering and contributing to Israeli society, together with outdoor adventures, sightseeing and familiarity with other young Jews and Israelis. With over 250 programs to choose from, Masa also collaborates with program partners to develop opportunities specific to the needs and interests of participants.

By supporting a means tested scholarship through Masa, you are making Israel experience programs more accessible and affordable to a broader number of young adults and youth from less established communities - enabling them to participate in this life-changing experience.

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A donation of US $ 5,150 will enable one student to participate in a Masa long term program (with additional matching from the Israeli government of US $ 5,000 per student)

Every dollar you contribute will help a Jewish young adult re-connect with his or her Jewish roots and with Israel! Donate now
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The program is also supported by matching government funds.