Mobile Bomb Shelters
Mobile Bomb Shelters

Supporting the People of the South


The security situation along Israel's border with the Gaza Strip has again become extremely tense, with terror attacks becoming part of the day-to-day life of the people living in this region. Whether these attacks take the form of rocket attacks or incendiary kites and balloons, people in the region have to be constantly on the alert and take the necessary steps to safeguard themselves.
Furthermore, as we have recently seen, missiles have even reached the centre of the country and Tel Aviv.

Regretfully the ongoing situation of attacks on the Israeli civilian population is unlikely to end soon.

Over the years Keren Hayesod-UIA supporters have taken upon themselves to assist the residents of the south in times of crisis in many different ways, including helping with the deployment of Mobile Bomb Shelters (miguniyot) – which provide an ongoing sense of security.

In the event of rocket attacks, the ability to provide secure shelter within seconds of the "RED ALERT" alarm going off can make the difference between life and death. Mobile Bomb Shelters located close to residential homes, educational institutions, industrial and agricultural areas have increased people's feeling of being protected in an emergency.


Your generous donation of US $14,000 will cover the cost of purchasing a Mobile Bomb Shelter, which will greatly increase the feeling of security among the civilian population throughout Israel's southern region.