Young Communities - Social Pioneers



Dynamic young Israelis are creating a new pioneering spirit by building Young Communities in the priority regions of the Negev and Galilee.

These Young Communities are harnessing the power of idealistic young people to serve as volunteer agents of social change and to strengthen Israel’s underdeveloped areas.

After finishing their army service, many talented Israelis remain in the centre of the country to pursue a college education and launch their professional careers. Yet growing social activism is motivating the next generation to work toward closing social gaps and building a more just society. They are doing this by living in the Negev and the Galilee, building Young Communities and contributing to the fabric of the regions’ community life. They volunteer to workwith underprivileged children and youth, in informal education and social programs and in encouraging community leadership and involvement.

Young Communities include:

Choosing Tomorrow – encourages motivated, responsible college students to commit to remaining  in the Galilee, Negev, or Jerusalem for at least two years after graduation. Choosing Tomorrow helps young activists find employment and supports local community initiatives. In 2014, the program worked with 240 students, who led dozens of new community programs that served 1,600 Israelis. Many alumni of Choosing Tomorrow go on to form Young Communities.

Ketzev – helps Young Communities groups create self-sustaining programs with long-term stability. Ketzev, (a Hebrew acronym for “Young Communities in Business”), provides Young Communities members with assistance in forming business, entrepreneurship, and related services. Ketzev helps them make connections with funding sources, potential investors, and partners. Ketzev aims to help participants create jobs for themselves and for other residents of the area, helping Young Communities become less dependent on outside funding, while building social-activism values. In 2014, Ketzev served 20 communities, training hundreds of members of Young Communities and reaching 7,000 Israelis who took part in the resulting initiatives.


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