[email protected] Professional Training for Youth in the Periphery

Bridging Israel’s Social Gap with High-Tech, Leadership and Volunteering

[email protected], a four year extra-curricular programme for high school students, employs a holistic approach to empower youth from Israel’s geographic and socioeconomic peripheries with advanced technological education, social values, and leadership skills.

The technology curriculum is based primarily on Cisco Networking Academy’s Information Technology Essentials and Discovery courses. By means of a comprehensive educational and experiential programme, [email protected] combines academic studies in computer and network technology with practical, hands-on training. Students receive a certificate at the end of each year of study.

The programme’s complementary social and leadership curriculum reinforces values of multiculturalism, democracy, excellence, social skills, co-existence and community involvement.

Students engage in voluntary work in their local communities – combining personal empowerment by using the professional tools they have studied and giving back to the community.

The project currently offers a special co-existence programme between Jews, Christians and Moslems in Nazareth, Acco, and Ramla. While learning about systems, networks, and the intricacies of computers, participants are given the opportunity to forge meaningful relationships with their ethnically diverse peers. They are taught not only to excel in the hi-tech community, but also to become advocates for communication between cultures, thereby promoting peaceful co-existence among Israel’s diverse populations.

The achievements of the participants, combined with their commitment to local community leadership, make them prime candidates for elite Israeli Defence Forces units and careers in the hi-tech job market, and higher education – ultimately preparing them to become tomorrow’s business and communal leaders.

Special achievements to date:

   • Over 4,000 graduates whose lives have been changed.
   • 100,000 annual hours of volunteer work.• 100,000 annual hours of volunteer work.
   • Recipient of the 2012 President’s Volunteerism Award of Excellence.
   • 50% higher success rate in matriculation exams (compared to peers) 
     including in high-level English, computers and sciences.
   • 60% of graduates in IDF elite technological units.
   • Unique [email protected] model adopted by Cisco to be implemented in Africa.

[email protected] is made possible through collaboration between:


With your support we will be able to provide 1,500 young Israelis from Israel’s social and geographic periphery with the tools they need to succeed in life.


The cost of supporting one student for a year and changing their life forever
 is US$ 1,700.

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Bring hi-tech education to weaker communities